Our Technology Vision

At KFC, we strive to constantly improve our team member and
customer experience
We have made progress consolidating our key partners but we
could more efficiently connect our store systems, within and across
regions, to provide real-time visibility to key operational metrics.
Currently onboarding a new market or enabling a new channel
involves repeating the entire setup process.
A new light-weight middleware layer in store, and another one in
the cloud
These middleware layers help connect our existing systems, and
provide instant data transfer to and from stores, without the need
for constant internet connectivity
Combining the middleware based approach with standardized
database structure and menu management capability within a
means we can quickly rollout to more stores
and adapt to customer tastes and preferences
while enabling us to implement future technologies such as Internet
of Things (IoT) – much faster
Our customers…will have consistent experience across all channels
and get better visibility across delivery, click and collect, kiosk and


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